Dog Tear Staining

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Some dogs have a normal overflow or discharge of tears but other dogs have an excessive amount which means there may be a problem of a small or blocked tear duct.

Abnormal overflow of tears caused by a blocked tear duct is called Epiphora. Chronic tearing can result in brown or reddish stains around the eyes and the face of the pet. When the area around the eyes is constantly wet it becomes a good breeding ground for bacteria or yeast and gives off a foul odor.

Sometimes foods or treats that contain artificial coloring or beet pulp should be avoided. Switching to a premium food that contains no wheat, corn or gluten which often cause allergies in dogs is advisable.

Always use stainless steel or china bowls as plastic is a breeding ground for bacteria. If your local water has a high mineral content then you may consider purified or bottled water.

There is a product available on the market called Angel Eyes that with regular use has proven to be effective in helping to clear up the bronze staining around the eyes and mouth due to constant licking.

Angel Eyes is a powder that contains tylosin which is FDA approved and has no adverse affect on animals. It comes in three different flavors – beef, chicken and sweet potato.