Summertime and Your Dog

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Very young, old, overweight, ill dogs and especially the breeds with short noses have trouble when the thermometer reaches above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to walk dogs before 9AM and after 5PM when the sun isn’t as strong and the pavement isn’t as hot. Very hot pavement can easily cause the footpads to blister.

Don’t leave pets in parked cars, even with the windows open, thinking it’s ok even though it is only for a few minutes. When it is 80 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can easily rise to 120 degrees within minutes.

Cats and dogs don’t have sweat glands like humans and when they are overheated they pant and salivate excessively. If your pet exhibits these symptoms it means it is overheated. Heat stroke can result in brain damage and death.

If your pet becomes lethargic, collapses, has a rapid heart beat, looks anxious or has warm skin wrap a cool wet t-shirt or towels around him / her and seek veterinary help immediately.

Many dogs love to swim in the ocean or in a pool. Don’t leave them unsupervised!! They are just like children and need supervision. Hose your dog down with fresh water after it swims in salt or chlorinated water as salt and chlorine may create skin irritations.

Provide fresh, clean drinking water all the time and even on walks always have a water bottle on hand. There are pet water bottles available on the market which open up and provide a dish in which the dog can drink from. New Angle Pet Products make a very good pet water dispenser called “Gulpy”.