Is Your Dog Boarding Kennel Air Conditioned?

Troy's Stay and Play Dog Boarding Kennel is always temperature controlled between 69F and 73F degrees. We have an air purification system “Ionair” which circulates fresh air every fifteen minutes.

Can I Bring My Own Dog Food?

We feed our canine guests Solid Gold Holistic dog food which is a high quality all natural dog food. However, if your pet needs a special diet then please feel free to bring their food. Please pre-bag each meal in a separate ziploc bag with your pets name on it. This way your pet will receive the exact amount of food that you feed him at home.

What Kind of Bedding Does Your Kennel Provide?

All pets staying with us are provided with four inch thick plush Bowser or Crypton fabric beds which are changed daily.

May I Visit Your Dog Boarding Kennel Prior To My Pet's Stay?

Troy's Stay and Play not only highly recommends that you visit our facility but we would love you to bring your pet along as well! This gives us a opportunity to meet with you and your pet. However, since we are very busy during the day tending to our boarders we highly recommend that you call for an appointment rather then just showing up as this will give us time to answer all your questions and to give you a tour of our kennel.

Will My Dog Be Taken Out For Walks During His or Her Stay at Your Kennel?

Our four legged customers are taken for outside walks twice a day. We believe that fresh air and exercise is very important to a pet’s well being. If you should desire additional walks for your pet, this can be arranged at the time of check in.  If there is inclement weather we do offer inside playtime in our spacious playroom complete with a doggy playground.

How Do You Clean The Kennel?

We do everything we can to keep your dog or cat healthy and active. The pens are disinfected twice a day. Any waste that happens is cleaned up straight away. All bowls and utensils are washed prior to every mealtime and bedding is cleaned daily. We use veterinary approved disinfectants in our boarding kennel. Purified water is always made available to our guests. Our record for health and cleanliness is exemplary.

My Pet Is An Indoor Pet and Does Not Go Outside. Where Will My Dog Eliminate and Exercise?

Dogs that are indoor pets will eliminate in the exercise run of their two room suite.  These areas are regularly sanitized. Wee-wee pads are also available upon request. As for exercise, we have a large indoor playroom complete with a doggy playground and we offer playtime twice a day for our “indoor only” guests.

Why Is My Dog So Thirsty When He or She Comes Home?

Usually excitement from seeing one's family again and knowing they will be going home makes a dog over excited. After you have given your pet a “welcome home” hug and you arrive home it is advisable to wait at least an hour before feeding. This will allow your pet to settle down and not gobble down his food which may create an upset stomach.

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