Troy's uses all natural, biodegradable shampoos and professional grooming techniques for all breeds of dogs. So, bring in your furry pet and let us groom him or her with lots of love and attention!

Part of our grooming service is to check the condition of your pet’s skin, coat, eyes, ears and teeth, and we can alert you to symptoms of common medical problems so you can consult with your vet early on. Regular grooming keeps your pet healthy and looking nice!

Our professional groomers take great pride in their work – we listen to your requests and follow them to the letter. We understand special grooming needs and are happy to offer solutions.

A full groom includes all of the following: a deep cleansing and moisturizing bath with the proper shampoo and conditioner for the particular coat and skin condition, ear cleaning and hair removal, nail trim, and a style to the breed standard or owner’s specification.

Please make grooming reservations 4 days in advance to ensure availability.

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