Ever feel guilty that your dog is missing out on playtime, entertainment, and exercise? Troy's Stay and Play Doggie Day Care ensures your dog is having a great time, plenty of exercise and fun, and makes new friends in our indoor doggy park.

Troys Stay and Play Doggy Day CareHere at Troy’s Stay and Play, we understand the demands of everyday life, and we are here to help make sure your pet gets the best possible care!

We are also pleased to announce that we are the only kennel in Bergen County to offer an indoor doggy park. Our doggy park is 2,500 square feet of play area. The play area is covered with artificial turf which gives the feel of real grass. There are cage free pens in the park area for the dogs that enjoy a little snooze or just want a little time out - they can just go and relax on our Kuranda beds.

Troy's Stay and Play has a Puppy Playground which is 1,500 square feet geared towards smaller dogs and puppies. Both areas are equipped with many exciting and motivating items so as to provide hours of stimulation and excitement for your pet.

We customize the daycare sessions so that you can choose either one-on-one personal sessions or group sessions, where the dogs interact in a happy, spacious, and clean environment. Our beautiful daycare room is fully equipped with a jungle gym, balls, and you can even choose the toys that your furry friend loves!

This is a great way to incorporate fun and new activities for your dog, especially on rainy days, or when it gets too cold. Keep your dog active and healthy. Here at Troy’s Stay and Play we are committed to getting to know our furry canine customers on a personal and loving level.

Full spa services are available so your pet goes home smelling and looking fabulous! Inquire about special offers and discount packages when you buy multiple sessions.

Troy's Stay and Play Doggy Daycare and Indoor Dog Park is something your dogs can really benefit from! Please call for further details, check out our facility, and make those reservations!!

Doggy Daycare Rates:

  • One day pass – $26.00
  • Five Day Pass – $24.00
  • Ten Day Pass – $22.00
  • Twenty Day Pass – $20.00

Troy's Stay and Play
9 Victoria Terrace
Ridgefield New Jersey 07657
Phone: 201.943.1200
Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am – 6pm;
Saturday 8am – 5pm; Sunday Closed