Troys Stay and Play Doggy Day Care & BoardingHere at Troy’s Stay and Play we offer one on one personal care and a clean environment to ensure safety for your pets. You can choose from a wide variety of exercises such as doggy daycare, individual play times, cardio runs and walks with pampered carriage rides for small breeds.

When it’s that time for your pet to wind down they can indulge in either a story book reading or a quiet movie, a cuddle time or even a massage. These are just a few of our services along with a soothing breath mint for those bed time hours.

As you can see, at Troy’s Stay and Play we are here to customize your pets needs and their personal care.

We take all of our canine guests out twice a day; any additional walks would be an additional fee. We also offer group play so your pets can run and socialize with our other guests.

Activities and prices as shown below are for overnight boarders.

Troy's Stay and Play offers plenty of other exciting activities for your pets to enjoy such as:

Insurance – You can purchase insurance for your pet which will cover any problems that may happen during their stay at our facility for up to 24 hours after you board with us.
$5.00 per day

Individual Walks – In addition to the twice a day we take our guests out you can purchase additional walks.
$5 for 10 minutes

Individual Playtime – We also offer individual playtime for dogs that are not social or just need some one on one play time.
$5 for 10 minutes

Group Play – For all those that want their dogs to socialize while being in our care (behavior permitting).
$20 per day

Half Day of Group Play – For all those that want their dogs to socialize while being in our care (behavior permitting).
$10 per day

Cardio Runs – We offer dog running! Instead of just a casual walk where your dog sniffs around and stretches their legs, Troy's staff actually runs with your dog! This takes a lot of extra energy out of your dog and is meant for those dogs that just love to run.
$8 for 10 minutes

Kong Time – What doggy doesn’t enjoy the challenge of a Kong! We can provide a hard plastic Kong and fill it with a lovely all natural healthy treat to provide our guests with a safe and healthy way to pass their time
$7.00 per day

Movie Time – We provide flat screen televisions for our guests so they can still feel the comfort and luxury of home.  We put on two movies to keep them entertained for hours.
$6.00 per day

Cuddle Time – In addition to the love and affection we give all of our guests, We offer cuddle time where we spend quality time one on one on the couch.
$5.00 for 10 minutes

Bed Time Treats – This is a little doggie goodnight treat that we give at the end of the day.

Troy's Stay and Play
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Hours: Monday through Friday 7:30am – 6pm;
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